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men's health magazine Named this the best hangover iv solution, now you can offer the same treatment!

Craig Koniver, MD is one of the nations top IV experts. He is the Doctor to top athletes, Navy SEALs, billionaires, and well-known actors. He's now bringing his "FAST VITAMIN IV" to businesses just like yours. Simply fill in your information in our form and one of Dr. Koniver's staff will contact you to get started with his proprietary IV treatments!

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Introducing FastVitaminIV™: Push to Your Potential

The process is simple. A professional nurse administers a 60-second “push” of FastVitaminIV®. You quickly absorb undiluted vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Your toes tingle, you feel a rush in your head, the fog lifts, and clarity comes. You feel awake, you feel alive – and the effect lasts for days! The best part: no waiting 60-90 minutes! You can now rejuvenate your body in 60 seconds or less!

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When I spoke with Dr. Craig Koniver, who supplied me with a Push IV called a FastVitaminIV, produced by his own medical company called “Brain Refuel Therapy," he explained the ingredients of the cocktail.  By providing these nutrients in a fast-push, we allow these nutrients to rapidly enter the cells which accelerates the rate at which these nutrients can start working on improving alcohol dehydrogenase function and liver detoxification. Hangovers are more an effect of nutrient imbalance versus dehydration so giving the nutrients in a concentrated push, this speeds up the time to help with improving hangover symptoms."

Results: Nothing short of astounding. Despite alcohol still likely coursing through my veins, within just 20 minutes after the IV, I felt newfound energy surging through my system, and, within an hour, felt ready to clean my office, work on a book chapter and crush a workout.

Rating: 9 of 10, with a point docked for the inconvenience and expense.


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What They're Saying

I am a busy professional and have utilized the FastVitaminIVs on several occasions when I needed a fast and powerful way to get back on my feet. I am continually impressed with how quickly the Fast-Push gives me the jump start I need. Forget the long, slow-drip IVs, I don’t have time to just sit. I highly recommend FastVitaminIVs to anyone looking for a fast and reliable way to get your body and brain firing again!

Patrick Jackson

Portfolio Manager

The first time I tried a FastVitaminIV fast-push, I was surprised how quickly it had me feeling like myself again. The best part is that I get this same effect every single time I get the fast-push. Thanks, Dr. Koniver for creating such a strong and innovative vitamin IV!

Adam Few

Chief Investment Officer